The well-being of everyone is our priority.

The team at Hotel Santa Rosa would like to send you a message not only of encouragement and hope, but also of responsibility. The well-being of our employers and guests comes first. Our hotel will therefore remain closed until the COVID-19 situation improves. 

At the moment we’re striving to ensure that our re-opening will be as safe as possible for everyone. We’ll keep you informed of the measures and protocols that we’ll establish for the 2020 season. Without a doubt, these additional measures will enhance our establishment’s usual standards even more. These protocols won’t affect the quality and proximity of our service, although we’ll have to make an effort not to show our affection for you!


We believe that, given the situation, the best thing we can offer you is flexibility. This is what we propose:

-       A flat rate.

-       Free cancellation up to 72 hours before your arrival. 

-       No deposit with your booking.

-       Exclusive discounts (only on our website). 

-       Modifications to dates at no extra cost.