Lloret de Mar is full of surprises!

Beyond the many leisure activities on offer in the area and its surroundings, Lloret has an incredible natural setting that is worth getting to know completely. The town is located at a very characteristic point of the Costa Brava, where the irregularities of the territory have naturally created small beaches and coves in countless corners. And the difficult access to the beach means you can enjoy priceless peace and quiet, even at the height of summer.

Adventure sports, afternoons of rest and relaxation, shows for children or places for the whole family to visit. Lloret de Mar offers a great variety of activities for everyone that you can’t  miss! The possibilities are endless and many of them are sure to surprise you.
In the Lloret Santa Rosa Hotel we show you the most notable activities so that you can discover the Costa Brava and Lloret the way we like best: from a local point of view! We offer you advice on the most suitable options for your trip or will tell you where to find more detailed information so that you can get the most out of your stay in Lloret!.

What activities does Lloret de Mar have to offer?

What places on the Costa Brava should you see?


This is a big, mile-long beach with white coarse-grained sand, offering showers, a bar and everything you can imagine!

The Lloret beach is in the centre of the town and just 150 metres from the Lloret Santa Rosa hotel, which makes it very practical for enjoying the sea on short stays or trips with children, for example.

There is also parking for your car right next to the beach.

Cala Sa Boadella

Sa Boadella is one of the autentic Costa Brava covers: difficult to reach, small (just 250 metres long) with crystal clear waters. A corner of paradise just a 10-minute car ride from our Hotel.

Its charm is precisely its secluded nature, an almost virgin area of relaxation and beauty where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of Lloret de Mar and gaze on the most special Mediterranean landscape. This is a beach where nudism is permitted.

Fenals BEACH

Fenals is Lloret’s second-largest beach, at 700 metres long and on the southern edge of the town.

A rugged piece of coastal rock, the “punta d’en Rosaris”, separates Fenals from the main Lloret beach, giving it a pleasant feel, sheltered from the wind. The sand is coarse-grained and the waters are quiet and clean.

Santa Cristina BEACH

Santa Cristina Beach is surrounded by nature in a unique location between two hills, making it peaceful: located behind a lovely pine wood, sheltered from the wind and with the sea always calm.


Lloret de Mar has plenty of places for leisure such as the Gran Casino Costa Brava, a 16,000 m2 venue dedicated to fun and entertainment.

The Gran Casino Costa Brava is open every day from 10 a.m. until the early hours of the morning, offers a great variety of strictly authorized games, and all the services you need for a night out.


The Sea Museum reveals one of the most important facets of Lloret’s history, the story of the “indianos”, Catalans who spent part of their life in the Americas making their fortune, and it does so through a range of fun activities.

Learn about life in Lloret in the 19th century, how the local people earned their living from fishing, in the context of the events of the age, ranging from the inventions of the time, the fashions or the start of tourism.

Visita museo Lloret de Mar